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Hello Baby Birthing offers clear and concise KGHypnobirthing Courses, Antenatal and Feeding Support. 

What We Do

About Hello Baby Birthing

Hello Baby Birthing offers information, support and skills for birthing your baby all from the comfort of your own home. 

We offer a comprehensive guide to your individual pregnancy, whether it’s your first or your fifth. We give useful tips based on clinical experiences to prepare you for pregnancy, labour and birth. All classes are run by a practicing midwife with over 15 years of experience. We cover the whole of South Wales, West Midlands, Surrey and anywhere in between! Travel costs are included in the price.

KGHypnobirthing gives you all the information required to aid you in achieving the best birth for you. We will give you the information to understand the maternity system and how to make the best choices for your care pathway by giving you the benefits of each choice including the implication. We give you the autonomy back to better enable you to make these choices, even when the ’system’ has other ideas of what is right for you. 

One of the most important part of KGhypnobirthing is teaching you to release fear and to trust your body, your instinct and your baby. We understand that this is a very important time in your life and we would like to offer you information to give you the knowledge to be in control of your birthing journey. 

Hello Baby Birthing is more than just antenatal classes, it offers parents-to-be a thorough guide to the most important adventure of your life. Our classes compliment the antenatal care the NHS provides, routine antenatal check ups (blood pressure, urine analysis, general well-being) etc, while Hello Baby Birthing offers you the information you need for your birth, including extensive practical skills, birth plans, active birthing/breathing skills, relaxation techniques, self hypnosis etc.

About KGHypnobirthing

The founder of KGHypnobirthing (KGH), Katharine Graves, developed and adapted the course over many years from feedback from her clients. Katharine has magnificent knowledge and her skills have resulted in KGHypnobirthing, which is now accepted as the number one UK hypnobirthing course for both parents and birth professionals.  The birth professionals KGH teachers course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) which is the governance body for midwives. 

The KGHypnobirthing course aims to give you information and therefore the control to experience a more comfortable and empowering birth. Anecdotally, the labour itself can be shorter when you use the KGH technique and medical intervention/medication can be reduced dramatically, in some cases non existent. KGH is a system where it prepares you for birth, gives you the knowledge to understand what is happening to you and how to cope if things don’t go the way you planned. There s no ’right’ way to give birth.  Your birthing partner will be given techniques to support you and have an active role in the birth so that your birth really does become a shared and loving experience.

As you and your partner are relaxed and in control your baby will arrive into the world in a relaxed and serene environment, as your baby is not stressed they will be aleart and ready to bond with you straight away, giving the extra benefit of being able to latch onto your breast quickly and easily, should you want to breast feed. 

There are also long term benefits to you and your baby. It has been repeatedly reported back from couples whos baby has been born to KGhypnobirthing parents that they are content, calm and sleep well. They feed easily, effectively and are generally very content.

This course is also great for couples who have previously had a difficult birth, as it will re set the mind, enabling you to not fear your next birth. 


Newborn Care

After your baby has arrived Hello Baby Birthing can offer you practical parenting support as well as feeding support. These sessions are individually planned to meet your needs. Please contact us with any queries you may have.

Our Team


I am a qualified midwife with over 15 years experience of working in busy London hospitals. Being a midwife is probably the most awe inspiring jobs where you really do meet someone new every day. The biggest and most notable difference in the way women went though their birthing journey was the difference between couples who didn’t know what to expect and who were very scared and a couple who had attended a KGHypnobirthing course. I speak of this from memory before I became a KGHypnobirthing teacher.

After experiencing the honour of being present at many births, I decided I wanted to empower couples to have the birth they deserve, after all, it is the most important journey you will go on.  I don’t think I found KGHypnobirthing but it found me. It is such a privilege to help couples have an even better experience and something that they will always remember lovingly.

I was always blown away by the calmness which penetrated the birthing room, be it at home or in hospital. It was clear that I was on their  territory rather than the other way round. I was there to make sure that both the mother and baby were medically ok; the mother, her partner and the baby were in complete control of their labour. It was an honour to be there.

 KGHypnobirthing works. On all levels. It will make a difference to your birth, no matter how you give birth, be it be a ”normal” birth or by Caesarean section. Not only will you learn about your pregnancy and what to expect at birth but you will also learn a lot about yourself (plus it’s actually really good fun and relaxing.... I don’t mind snoring, if you drop off during a relaxation session, I take it as a complement😂).

KGHypnobirthing gives the birthing partner information and knowledge to have confidence in themselves and the mother. KGH equips the birthing  partner with the words, phrases and tools to enable them both to calmly go through the birth. Maybe you’ll only need the spanner from the tool box but  KGH will give you the whole box! 

I don’t promise to give you the “perfect” birth or a pain free birth, but I will promise to guide you on a calm and seren journey which will benefit you, your birthing partner and your baby in many ways. The journey to becoming parents is individualised for each pregnancy, there are pot holes and detours along the way. KGH teaches you that these ’blips’ are ok and will give you the ability to take these detours head on,  should they occur, without feeling ‘guilty’ or that you a have somehow not achieved the ‘right’ birth. KGH gives you strength, confidence, belief, control and acceptance.



I offer one to one sessions in the comfort of your own home, so that you are at your most comfortable and confident to ask questions. However, I can organise group sessions at a discounted price per couple should you know others who would like to join you (I will arrange a suitable venue close to you if preferred). 

Courses for KGHypnobirthing are usually delivered by:

▪️3-4 hour sessions once a week over a 4 week period Monday - Friday 

▪️3-4 hours sessions once a week over a 4 week period over the weekend

▪️Two 6-7 hour sessions over one weekend or divided over two weekends.

All private classes are arranged for a date and time which is suitable for you and your birthing partner. We usually recommend for classes to start from around 20 weeks of pregnancy onwards and before 37 weeks, however they can be started at any point during your pregnancy. 

Please contact Hello Baby Birthing if you require other timings.

KGHypnobirthing understands that it is not always possible to commit to a course with the busy lives we lead and they are now proud to offer a full, in-depth, antenatal programme online. This course is designed to give you the benefit of completing the course at your own pace at any stage of your pregnancy. You will be able to access the information time and time again. It includes, easy to follow instructions, all the supporting documents and a Facebook support group.

For more information or to book the online course, please click the link below: 



Private one-to-one KGHypnobirthing classes (12 hours)

  • Mon-Fri - £340
  • Weekend - £380

Antenatal information sessions 

  • £80 

Breast feeding support initial session 

  • £80 

Breast feeding follow up session

  • £40 p/h

The face to face KGHypnobirthing course includes the Hypnobirthing book, written by Katharine Graves, a colour and calmness CD ( designed to complement the relaxation techniques) and a comprehensive parent pack, which includes the information overview of the course. 

I will also be available personally to you for any questions, support and guidance you need after the course has finished. 

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Please contact Lissa directly with any questions, comments, or inquiries you may have.   

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